How to Embrace Uncertainty

When was the last time you thought about making a change in your life? I will bet that it was probably as recent as today. Maybe you want to move to a new city, maybe you want to change your career, or maybe you just want to cut your hair a different way… However, you are afraid. The idea of this change makes you nervous, and uncomfortable, but have you asked yourself why?

As humans, our biology has wired us to seek certainty. We know and understand that taking a risk can often yield great rewards, and yet we choose to stay in our safe little bubbles, living life the same as we do day in and day out.  Back thousands of years ago, humans did live in a scary world where you could be eaten by predator at night, or you could die at age 20 of disease. The threats that have ingrained fear into our biology are significantly less now thanks to technology and medicine and yet we still live in fear. Now, the aversion to risk that has kept humans alive for thousands of years, is the one thing actually preventing us from living.

Uncertainty is where new happens. I am here to remind you that you can’t do anything new without doing something different and so here are 3 tips on what you can do to embrace the uncertain, take more risks, and get a little uncomfortable. As always the audio version is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play.


Think about this statement:

Our comfort zones are never really comfortable after all


You are afraid to quit your job that you don’t like because it’s comfortable. The job pays your bills, yes, but you don’t like it so is that really comfortable after all? I would say no.

The more you try to stick to the confines of your so called comfort zone, the more unfulfilled and uncomfortable you will feel later on. You need to get out and explore new places, new opportunities, and new ideas. No one has an answer to life, it is for you to discover. Be open to the possibilities you could achieve and make a move towards finding out how to get them. You’ll never find them if you don’t go looking!

2. Be Content with Looking Foolish

One of our greatest hindrances in personal development is fear. Our fear of uncertainty often stems from our fear of judgement – when taking a so-called “risk” we fear to others we might look stupid, awkward, or weird. We fear that people may perceive us as a failure if our new path doesn’t pan out. However,  despite other people’s opinions you can be sure that your life will go on regardless of outcome.

People are always going to be jealous of other people who are taking risks. Why? Because they are likely too afraid to do it themselves. When people think ill of you, that is a reflection of them  so, you have to let them judge you. Be confident in your decisions and live your life true to your intention, no one else’s.

3. Think Less, Do More.

Whenever there is opportunity to make a change towards uncertainty, our minds tend to drift towards the negative. We fear that the unknown holds a lot of bad and while this is true, the unknown also holds a lot of good. In fact, the unknown is overflowing with opportunity.

Instead of wasting your time thinking and worrying about all of the bad that could happen, start doing things that will get you closer to the good (A.K.A. your goals). The less you try to make sense of what could happen, the more time you will have to actually work towards getting what you want AND the more easily you will find the stress associated with worrying magically disappear.

– – –

Success will never be certain, but not doing anything at all is the worst thing you can do. What makes you uncomfortable? Do that more. Eat alone. Talk to strangers. Go somewhere you have never been.

Do not let uncertainty stop you from creating your life.

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