How to Change Your Trajectory

As humans we are always constantly changing and desiring change. We envy others and always dream of ways in which our lives could be different. Maybe you aren’t satisfied with the circumstances you are in, or perhaps you are merely wanting to continue to grow and develop as your best possible self; either way, these 3 tips will aid you in that process.

The one path that will never get you anywhere different is the one we most commonly take and that is the path of doing nothing at all. You don’t have enough time to be mediocre in your life. It’s painful and it’s pointless so, if it is change you seek then it is change you must create. As always, the audio version of this post is available on iTunes, Google Play, or SoundCloud.

1. Determine Your Limitations

Stop for a minute and think to yourself about what it is exactly that is stopping you from getting what you want. It may be your job, your living situation, or your finances; all of which can make it hard for you to make drastic changes in your life. However, often it is yourself that serves as your biggest limitation. Self-doubt can be detrimental to our growth. Fear can be crippling, making us unable or unwilling to pursue unfamiliar and new opportunities.

Once you’ve taken the time to determine what factors are limiting you, figure out which of those are within your control. While some situations we cannot change (i.e. death in the family, a bad break up, etc), most instances have elements that we can adjust to suit our needs. We may not be able to change what has happened, but we can decide to move forward despite it.

Don’t allow your circumstances to let you fall back. Use the dark times to learn and always fall forward onto the next best thing.

2. Re-Evaluate Your Circumstances

If you are in a situation that is making you unhappy or unsatisfied, re-evaluate how you got there. Think about any elements or decisions you made along the way that were perhaps chosen because other options were overlooked. Look at what isn’t working, and what it is that you are not doing to determine what the void is that you need to fill.

Pursuing these unique opportunities is rare because it is scary and uncomfortable; the outcome is unknown. Few people are willing to pursue the unknown, and would rather stick with what is “safe” mainly for fear of rejection, judgement, or some other useless excuse. Forget the fear, and pursue whatever it is that is going to make you happy.

If you are unsure of where it is you need to start making changes, ASK SOMEONE. Being curious is the first step in personal growth. Curiousity is the desire to understand and to try and push the envelope – it is what drives change. Gain perspectives (new and old) and try to take away as many important lessons as possible that you can apply in your own life.

3. Get Uncomfortable

I can guarantee you that you won’t get anywhere new by practicing the same old strategies. Always going to the same places, working the same job, interacting with the same people, but expecting things to change/improve is not a realistic outlook on your situation. Results will not change if you do not alter the actions creating them.

If you don’t like something in your life, change it. If you want to try something new, just try it. Not only are you your own largest limitation, you are also the only one who can do anything about it.

Finding success is about making the decision to not do nothing. We have been brainwashed to think that doing nothing is safe, and once you realize that the safest thing you can do actually feels the most risky, the sky is the limit.

Have the courage to challenge the status quo, defy limitations, find your purpose, and serve it.

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