Millennial of the Month: Cassidy Davis

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This month I had the pleasure of interviewing an up and coming actress living in Los Angeles. Cassidy shares about her transition to LA, what it’s like living there day to day, and even provides advice for other millennials who are a little too afraid to follow their truest intention. The full interview with Cassidy can be found on the podcast.

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Millennial of the Month: Caitlin Childs

Caitlin Childs

Throughout my journey with this project, I have had the pleasure of connecting with a plethora of different individuals all working towards changing the world in which we live in some way shape or form. Having the opportunity to connect with other millennials on their own missions and watching them succeed, has provided me the chance to realize my own possibility and potential for greatness in my own endeavours. Feeling inspired by these interactions, I have decided to highlight some of these success stories in a new feature series titled Millennial of the Month.

My hope is, that by showcasing other’s journeys you too can feel inspired to finally make a change in your own life to pursue and achieve greatness in whatever capacity that may be.

This month, I am so excited to introduce you all to an amazing millennial, hailing from the heart of the south (Mississippi, USA), blazing her own path as an entrepreneur. Caitlin operates a hand-sewn goods company that offers unique and affordable fashion for women everywhere (link below).

The interview can be found below, or you can listen to it on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Google Play.

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Name: ​Caitlin Childs

Age: ​26

Location: ​Vicksburg, MS

Website: ​

Instagram Handle: ​@allthatitseams

What are you currently project are you working on? Right now, I’m working on my fall product line. I’m very excited about this project because we have some great pieces that I believe our audience is going to love.

How did you find or first get into this passion/project? I started sewing when I was just eight years old. In the third grade, we had to do a book report where we dressed up as the person we did the book report on. I chose Betsy Ross (the creator of the original American Flag). So my mom sat me on her lap and taught me how to sew a replica of the American Flag. Ever since then, I have enjoyed creating things with my own two hands. My passion grew and I learned to knit at age 15. After that, I started creating my own patterns and designs and eventually opened my own business.

What has been the most difficult part and how have you overcome it? I’m a creator at heart. I was never inherently a business woman. I have had to learn the ins and outs of business from scratch with no mentoring or guidance. It has basically been trial and error, but everytime I get knocked down, I learn something new about the business world and I get back up and keep going with more knowledge than I had before.

What is something you wish you first new when you started out? It would have been super helpful if someone had taught me about business taxes. Dealing with that is such a huge headache. If I had taken a course on that before I ever even started my business, it would’ve been a lot less stressful.

Aside from your project what are some of your other hobbies? I am a HUGE animal lover. I really enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and my four rescue dogs when I’m not working on my business. It keeps me sane.

What is one piece of advice you want to give other millennials? Never stop learning. We are the generation that has the entire internet at our fingertips. Our potential is limitless, however, few people seem to be utilizing those assets. Knowledge truly is power, especially in business.