Millennial of the Month: Cassidy Davis

Cassidy Davis Headshot

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing an up and coming actress living in Los Angeles. Cassidy shares about her transition to LA, what it’s like living there day to day, and even provides advice for other millennials who are a little too afraid to follow their truest intention. The full interview with Cassidy can be found on the podcast.

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How to Find Inspiration

Find Your Motivation
Life is funny. Some days you can be ready to take on the world where as others you could not care less about getting a single thing done. While I love what I do here on the internet, sometimes the ideas just don’t flow naturally. While I do keep a running list of content ideas, things don’t always speak to me and right now that is exactly the case. 
While most of you reading this may not run a website or host a podcast, you can still apply this in other aspects of your life; maybe you don’t feel fulfilled at work, or maybe you feel uninspired in some other aspect of your life where you know you need to make a change, but just don’t feel the desire to actually do it. I am going to give you four simple tips I use at these times in my own life.
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 Understand That This is Normal

As with any situation in life there are always going to be highs and lows. Can you imagine if there wasn’t and that life was stagnant? What a boring and pointless life that would be! Some days your inspiration will be in abundance, while others it will not. This is okay.,this is exciting, and most importantly this is normal.

The only constant thing in life is change, and change is only temporary. So, when you are riding a high make sure to appreciate it, but remember that it will not last forever. Likewise, use the low points as opportunities to learn, grow, and change. You will always bounce back, even from the worst of times.

Build Better Relationships.

Go out and talk to people (or text them from the comfort of your bed). Talk to your friends, your mentors, people you know you can connect with; share ideas, and find inspiration. By expanding your mind through communicating, you can escape your own situation by living vicarously through someone else and gather new information that you can apply to your own life.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Be willing to try something new. To get out of a rut, you need to know what is keeping you in it. Often our routines can be our greatest help, and our most difficult obstacle. Monotony can lead to complacency and boredom. Getting out of your comfort zone can shake this; try a new approach to whatever your normal routine is – travel (explore somewhere you’ve never been), try a new kind of food, sign up for a new hobby – spark a change for the sake of stretching that part of your brain. Trigger the fear of the unknown within you; that fear can fuel your inspiration.

Practice Self Care

This is so key. I encourage self care in all forms, the first however being movement. Regular exercise and simply moving your body will improve your cognitive function. Movement changes how you feel, so if you’re feeling lazy get up, get those endorphins flowing and allow the energy to manifest into your life.
Self care doesn’t stop at exercise though, so make sure to take the time to connect with yourself. Whether this means taking a hike to think to yourself, or simply unplugging for 30 mins to journal or meditate do something with intention to remind yourself that you matter to YOU.
– – –
The fluctuations of inspiration are normal. Life ebbs and flows – be patient and change will come as it always does. Keep moving and your flow will return; you can’t force it but you can take action and put in the work that will grant you the change you are desiring. You get what you give, so if you take action you will receive the same.

In the end you will always be okay, don’t feel defeated by this current lack of inspiration – you will find what you need in due time.