How to Reset and Recharge

Are you feeling rundown? Overwhelmed? Lost in a sea of chaos? Maybe you can’t decide what item on your To-Do List you need to tackle first because it just never seems to get any shorter. It is time to unleash your best life, and to create your life by design. What lights you up? What doesn’t? It’s time to take away things that no longer serve you, and to feel your life rather than let it control you.

This week, I have broken it down into 5 simple steps. As always, the audio version of this post is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play.

1. Let Go of the Fear

Overcommitting is a leading cause in burnout. Taking on too much because of the fear of missing out on something else is a recipe for bad results. Have you ever found yourself saying yes to something even though you know deep down you have little to no interest in doing whatever it is?

Look at your current commitments over the next few weeks and months. Ask yourself this:

  1. What am I most excited for?
  2. What are the things I wish I could get out of?
  3. Why am I obligated to do something I don’t even want to do?


You are not obligated to do anything you don’t want to.

We all live in a constant state of fear when it comes to saying “No”. Fear of missing out, fear of judgement from others, fear of failure, fear of the unknown.

In these times of fear, it is important to really listen to and know yourself. Stay true to that feeling. It can be incredibly difficult, but the next time someone asks you to do something that you know you don’t want to do, say no, as hard as it may be, and the freedom you will feel will change your life.

Instead of having FOMO (fear of missing out), frame it as the joy of missing out. See this “No” as an opportunity to get to create something you actually want in this new found freedom. By freeing yourself from what you don’t want, you are making the opportunity to focus on that which you do want.

2. Define a Fresh Start

The majority of our ability to establish a new start and really reset our brains is all psychological. I encourage you to use language that gives you permission to start over. You don’t need a monday, a new year, the first of the month, or anything of that sort. You simply need to choose when you want to make a change and own it.

Tell yourself, “Today is the first day to start my new journey” and then get out there and make a move.

3. Learn to Reflect

Your life flows in seasons, and some are much easier than others I assure you.  While you may have a goal in mind for right now, you need to allow yourself grace to get there. Remember that Mt. Everest is not climbed in a day. The trek is taken piece by piece to camp after camp. The hikers acclimate to the new altitudes, they evaluate what is working and what is not, and they figure out their next move.

If you are facing a particularly difficult season right now, acknowledge it, accept it, and create a strategy to move through it.

4. Change Your Average

Clarity comes from your surroundings. If you are feeling misguided or confused, re-evaluate where, with who, and how you are spending your time. What is it that you want to be/feel/do/have in your life?

If you feel something is missing  – seek it out – find the people you need to get you where you want to be. Ask yourself the hard questions to determine what or who is no longer serving you.  Recognize your strengths and your potential, hold on to that and set your life on fire. If you believe you can, you will.

5. Create Conditions for Success

If your current approach to life isn’t work for you and you aren’t feeling accomplished or fulfilled consider asking yourself a couple hard questions:

  1. What is working for me? Why is it working?
  2. What isn’t working for me? Why isn’t it?

You always have a choice to design your life differently. Some people need BIG shifts to get out of ruts (the end of a relationship, a big move, a new job, etc.), but most people can just make small changes to create the ripple. Start with one habit you want to change, start to get comfortable and feel good about it, watch the accomplishment trickle into other habits of your life.

You are capable of creating your own success.


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