How To Find Motivation

I would first of all like to open my post with an apology to my followers for how MIA I have been over the past couple of weeks. A trip to paradise coupled with a hectic schedule upon return has left me feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, and more importantly – unmotivated. If you need a few tips on finding your motivation when things seem to have unraveled, then I have got some great information for you!

Much like anything in life, motivation is going to ebb and flow throughout our journeys; sometimes naturally, and other times as a result of external forces. Accepting this notion as fact is one thing, but making the effort to change it is another. There are times in these periods of low motivation that something will spark within us, ignite our flame, and find us off again on a whim ready to take on the world. However, (much has been my personal case as of late) there are times when no matter what we try, we simply do not seem able to muster up the ability to get sh*t done.

This week I want to walk you through the 3 steps that I have used, and continue to use, to restart my motivation and get myself back on the path to success. As always, the audio version of this post is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Google Play.

1. Follow a Consistent Schedule

Whatever your goal or task at hand is, you need to make your approach to it consistent. Set aside a specific time each day (or however often it is you need to get whatever it is done), and make it the same every day you do it. Whether it is the 1 hour you are going to spend at the gym, or the 5 minutes you are going to spend meditating before an exam, make the pattern the same – EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Consistency will be the key to your success.

As humans, we want nothing more than to have excuses for the things we don’t feel like doing. By incorporating whatever the activity may be into a regularly scheduled routine, you can replace the excuses with an obligation to get it done. You don’t think twice about going to work every day, so why should you think twice about doing the things you actually want to do in your life?

2. Commit Publicly

Do you have something you want to start (or re-start) pursuing? Well, there is no better way to commit yourself to it then to tell all – or at least one of – your friends or family. While Facebook and Twitter are inundated with so much useless jargon, they still serve as useful tools for sharing our thoughts, goals, and aspirations in a public arena. After all, we are much more likely to stick with getting something done if others are expecting it of us as well. It’s easy to lie to yourself, but no one ever wants to be known as that person who never follows through with what they say they’re going to.

3. Always Create New Challenges for Yourself

It is nearly impossible to find pleasure and motivation in completing tasks that are easy and monotonous. Sure, you’ll have fun for a day, but once the novelty wears off you will be bored, uninterested, and seeking an alternative. Trust me. If this is a state you currently find yourself in – be it work, school, or a special project (like me) – that is perfectly normal! The key when caught in one of these cycles is to take the initiative to create a new challenge for yourself.

Depending on your situation it could be as easy as asking your boss for a new task, or changing the deadlines for something your working on to a week sooner for that added pressure. Whatever the approach, use it as an opportunity to exhibit your initiative. New challenges = new opportunities.

– – –

Life can get hectic, hard, and overwhelming. It’s important to remember that steering off course is natural. Having the ability to centre yourself back into focus  is the true testament to your trajectory in life.

We each only have one life, and it’s about time we all start working towards getting motivated and making the most of it.


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