How To Live a Joyful Life

We all desire a good life; one filled with purpose, love, and of course joy. Living a life full of joy does not mean that it is perfect. Living a joyful life simply means to appreciate the greatness that is either happening or anticipating the greatness that is yet to come, despite whatever negativity you may have going on.

Many people seek to find joy in something or someone outside of their own being. The real answer to finding joy in your life however, is to confront the positives within yourself and your own life. Trust the process, and focus on the good.

Joy is a path you must consciously choose to follow each and every day.

1. Let Go of Hurt

Easier said than done, I know. Holding onto a grudge, anger, or hurt doesn’t create any resolution to make you less angry, in fact it serves no purpose other than to occupy space in your mind. Being angry and holding onto anger not only drains our energy, but also prevents us from being able to focus on the things that will bring us joy. You need to focus on serving yourself in the present by learning to come to terms with past. Chances are whatever is hurting you cannot be changed, so stop dwelling and start moving towards forgiveness, freedom, and the joy that comes with it.

2. Practice Positive Thought

Do you ever notice that when you’re in a negative headspace, bad things tend to happen more frequently? Minute by minute you are constructing the thoughts that will guide your life. You are developing your own narrative – good or evil. The thoughts you think will begin becoming the actions you take, the behaviours you develop, and a reflection of the real you.

Negative energy can lead to negative results, much like positive thinking can do the opposite. When we think in a more positive headspace we are more likely to seek (and find) the right opportunities that will give us the results we desire. In order to live a life that focuses on joy, you must learn to train your thoughts to do the same.

3. Set Intentions

Intentions are going to guide your actions and in turn allow you to achieve the joyful life you are seeking. Make it your mission to remain open and agreeable despite whatever negativity or challenges you may face throughout your day. Intentions provide not only a structure for your day, but also the motivation to actually follow through. If you tell yourself you intend to have a joyful day, your odds are better than if not

Try it out for yourself! Tell yourself “I intend to be kind, I intend to take the first step in pursuing passion X, I intend to help another person today” whatever it is, set an intention that will positively influence your day.

4. Find Passion In The Work of Others

One of the keys to experiencing joy, is to be able to share it with others. Every day is not going to be a good one, and while today may not be a good day for you, it likely is for at least one other person you know. Find them, and celebrate with them. Learning to use other people’s successes and positive vibrations to shift your own, will ease your ability to find your own joy.

Congratulate that friend on their new job! Celebrate that family member’s newly announced pregnancy! Even if it’s something you are lacking or envying in your own life – I encourage you to find passion and ignite your own joy in sharing in the successes of those closest to you. Positivity can be contagious.

Every moment offers you a choice. Stress, anger, confusion, joy… Which will you choose to sit in?

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