How To Free Yourself

What does freedom feel like?

Overwhelmed with choices and inundated with fear, it is within our control to choose the life we want to live. Whether it is the freedom to make the choices actually want, [free of guilt and free of judgement] or the freedom of knowing that the creation of our lives is in our own hands – I am here to teach you how. This week I offer 3 simple steps to help get you started in determining what it is you want, and how you are going to get there.

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1. Accept Unwillingness

As humans, we tend to want a lot of things. Often times however, it is the idea of the thing rather than the actual thing itself that is so appealing. If you’re not willing to put in extra hours or set aside the extra money for whatever your idea may be (i.e. a new job, a new car, mastering a skill, etc.) then perhaps it is time you re-evaluate how badly you really want it. Just because you like the idea of something doesn’t mean you are actually willing to work for it, and that is totally okay.

Any obstacle you face can either be framed as willing or unwilling to overcome.  By accepting the fact that you are unwilling to do the work needed to get you whatever it is you are wanting, you are in turn freeing your mind of guilt and allowing yourself room to focus on achieving whatever it is that you actually want. There is no need to feel bad about something you never really wanted anyway.

2. Be Realistic

We each have a tendency to build up scenarios in our minds. We assume judgment, failure, and embarrassment to be certain when taking risks or putting ourselves out there. While these thoughts can be overwhelming I want to encourage you to put it into perspective; Is sharing an idea at work going to get you fired? Is going for a 20 minute walk going to be that hard?

If you feel overwhelmed in scenarios such as those mentioned, I encourage you to break it down into smaller components. What are the steps you will need to take to accomplish the task? View them each as individual milestones. Try not to stress about the bigger picture, for the greater task is not important. It is the life that will become available to you on the other side that is most important, when you look at a scenario realistically and free yourself of fear.

3. Determine Your Direction

It is all too easy to compare our lives to other’s. You convince yourself that your life would be better if you had what they have. You need to let that thought go. Learn to replace the envy you have with a willingness to change your own life.

Where is it that you would like to go? What are you trying to accomplish? What is it that you actually want?

Figure out where it is you want to go, and free your mind of the negativity associated with not getting to where everyone else is at.

This is YOUR life and YOUR direction. You can choose to be free.

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