How To Live Your True Purpose

What is your purpose here? What is your truest desire? Your desires are the map to the life you really want to live.  However, from a very young age you have been conditioned to be fearful and taught to play it safe. Whether this conditioning has come from the bad news you see on TV or the stories from your parents – you are designed to live cautiously at risk of getting hurt (physically emotionally or even financially).

We see this all the time in day-to-day life. Anytime someone we know decides to take risks (travel the world, quit their job to follow a passion, etc) instead of being supporting we often caution them of the dangers.

  1. What if they get hurt?
  2. They will probably fail.
  3. What if they go bankrupt?

We are raised to “follow our dreams” but are later cautioned to take the safe route – get a good job and stick it out because it will lead us to happiness.

Now stop for a minute and imagine a world where the opposite were true.

Imagine if we supported people whole hardly in their pursuits.

When it comes to fear, you have no guarantee that the BAD things you fear are going to happen. In fact following your dreams could actually lead to something absolutely incredible, but you won’t know if you don’t try!

Here are my 3 tips for you to stop listening to everyone else, and start living your true purpose. As always you can find the audio version on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play.

1. Learn to Get Comfortable In It

What is “it” you ask? Well, “it” can be whatever you want. Your dream job, your dream relationship, your dream vacation… you can decide to go for it, whatever it is.

NEWS FLASH – your freedom is on the other side of fear. I am not saying quit your job and go frivolously spend 10k on a trip to Bali. I am saying that fear is likely the one major component holding you back from chasing whatever it is you want.

In order to fulfill the seemingly impossible dream, the first thing you need to do is get comfortable in the idea that anything is possible. You create your own reality. Decide what it is you want and decide that you are going to get.

2. Think to The Future

Start now by remembering a time you did something you were really scared to do. Whether it was bungee jumping, moving away from home for the first time, starting a job you weren’t even sure you were qualified for… Whatever it is – I want you to think back to that time!

How do you feel about it now?

It is funny how our fears are less scary looking back on… Something that nearly immobilized us at the time has us now thinking “Wow I can’t believe I was afraid of THAT!”

Now what I want you to do with whatever it is you are afraid, is pretend to look back on what it from a future you. You need to tell yourself, “I am going to do this, and it won’t be so bad.”

3. Break Down the Fear

Lastly, determine what part of your dream you are afraid of.

  • Is it failure for not being able to succeed?
  • Is it humiliation for even trying?

On the other hand, imagine you were to give up on the dream entirely. What could potentially happen?

  • Maybe sadness for never finding out if it was even possible?
  • Maybe humiliation for never having the guts to try?

Now you need to decide which of these two possibilities is worse.

Would you rather continue to live in mediocrity, or would you rather pursue success? (And yes potentially failure, but THINK of what you could learn!)

We are all so stuck in our comfort zones that we are afraid to move. Stop letting the fear of not doing whatever your dream is outweigh the fear of getting it done.


Determine your dream, get comfortable in the idea that it is possible, think of how easy it will feel when it’s over and focus on breaking down what silly little thing it is that you are actually afraid of.


How To Let Go of Hurt

To Move Forward With Your Life

Pain is inevitable, and incredible. Hurt has the power to build us up, or destroy us. Sometimes despite our greatest efforts, we just cannot seem to let things go. When faced with emotional pain we tend to let it drag. In fact we often prolong bad feelings by continuously talking about them and running through them in our minds… in hope for what? Why?

The emotional decisions we make can create further problems for us by prolonging unnecessary hurt, distracting us from what really matters in creating the life we want. Holding on to anger and bitterness can affect every new experience and relationship we have, causing us to be so wrapped up in what has gone wrong that we can’t truly enjoy the present.

If you are currently facing a difficult situation that is holding heavy in your heart, I encourage you to follow these 3 steps to learn to let go of the hurt. As always, the audio version is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Google Play.

1. Manage Your Thoughts

Each and every day we are thinking thousands of thoughts. These thoughts shape our emotional response to ever incident we incur. If you think something is challenging – your reaction to it will reflect that.

In situations that involve anger or hurt feelings it is in your control to change the way you think about it. The next time you find your thoughts drifting towards a negative response with someone – stop for a second and think of the limitations this will put on your ability to heal and choose to move on.

At first it might seem hard, but the more you try and remove the preconceived feelings and emotions from the person that hurt you, the easier it will be to move along.

2. Choose Happiness Over Ego

Whether you care to acknowledge it or not, your ego is controlling your reality. When someone wrongs you, it is your ego that is telling you to hold onto that hurt. Your ego is telling you that being right is more important than actually feeling good.

The next time you find yourself upset ask this:

  1. Is holding onto that anger really worth it just to say you were right?

Letting go of hurt is not about forgiving the other person for the sake of their freedom, or admitting defeat – it’s about taking care of and freeing yourself. It is about taking responsibility for your own happiness.

What do you need to do to be happy? If its as simple as letting go of something that’s happened to you – then do it.

3. Find Compassion

We are all living in our own illusions known as “reality”. Each and every person somehow justifies their actions. Something you might think is not okay may be totally fine to someone else and vice versa, that is because we all have different moral thresholds.

When dealing with difficult people it is important that you realize that while it may not have been how you would have handled a situation, it made sense and was justified to them. The point of forgiveness is not getting another person to change his or her actions; it’s about changing your reactions.

Think of forgiveness in regards to how it can change your life — by bringing you peace, happiness, and emotional and spiritual healing. In order to find a way to let go of the hurt someone has caused you – no matter how hard, complicated, or just plain wrong it may seem – you need to understand that they too are coming from their own place of being (be it happy, sad, or angry); we all have a history.

If all else fails, remember that some people are just not nice people. However, they got that way for a reason, so rather than stew in it hurting yourself empathize with their situation and move on. After all, letting go of grudges and bitterness can make way for improved health and peace of mind.

Give yourself permission to do some serious emotional healing to become your happiest self and remember, it is a process more than a destination.

How to Create Your Own Future

Create the Life You Really Want

Here you are – 2017.

Right now you are whatever age. One day you are going to be much older, and one day you are eventually going to die. There is no escaping that fact. We are all going to die.

I want you to imagine that your life is ending tomorrow. Does your life look how you imagined? What do you regret? What are all the things you planned, but haven’t yet followed through on?

  • Maybe you never managed to find the motivation to lose that 20 pounds you always wanted to.
  • Perhaps you have found yourself stuck in a really bad relationship for years because you were too afraid to leave.
  • Maybe you’re stuck at a really lousy job because it pays the bills and you aren’t certain you can find anything better if you quit.

So here you are laying on your death bed. I want you to ask yourself this:

What is ONE thing you wish you would have done differently? Do you have it? Are you imagining that one thing?

I am about to offer you the chance to take whatever that one thing is, and work towards turning it into a reality now.

This week I am offering two very basic steps you need to start now in order to create the change you are seeking. As always, the audio version of this podcast will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud.

1. Stop Doing What You Are Currently Doing

If you are unsatisfied with some aspect of your life, it is obvious that your current routine is not working. Further to that, continuing to do the same thing day in and day out is never going to garner you different results. New opportunities aren’t going to fall out of the sky, and you aren’t suddenly going to wake up on day with a plethora of motivation to change your lifestyle – you need to make a conscious effort.

In order to make a change, you need to focus on determining the source of your problem.

  1. What bad habits do you have that are preventing you from achieving what you want?
  2. Do spend to many hours watching youtube?
  3. Ae you eating too many cookies in a week?
  4. Do you spend too much money on useless stuff?
  5. Where do you want to go, or what do you want to do? And which of these habits is preventing you from getting there?

Whichever you determine it is, work on stopping. Don’t you dare say you can’t! “I can’t” is just an excuse that allows you to be lazy. You CAN do whatever it is you want – in fact the difference between you and the person living the life you want is that they told themselves “I can” and they did it”.

Stop with the bad habits. Stop with the excuses. And stop letting laziness control your life.

2. Starting Developing New Actions

In order to successfully build new habits, you need to approach it piece by piece.  Lifestyle changes are much easier to accomplish when they are broken down into small, more manageable chunks. So, when it comes to developing new habits to work towards the future you want, the cold turkey approach isn’t going to work. Instead, I recommend slowly replacing bad habits with new ones, one by one.

It’s all about simply taking the initiative to start developing new habits. Too often we tend to get stuck in the past in that we think, “Well this would’ve worked out if I had’ve just done this instead”. While learning from past mistakes is important, focusing all of your attention on the past is ultimately going to hold you back. The past may have been bad, but there was certainly also a lot of good moving to where you are today.

Successful people aren’t sitting around crying about yesterday, they are taking those lessons they learned, applying them to today, and moving towards tomorrow. Wherever it is you want to get in life, you need to map out your plan – swap a Netflix episode here for 30 minutes of research towards a project you’re working on, skip the take out meal one night a week and put that 10 bucks in a travel fund for that trip you want to take – be accountable, and start building your life piece by piece.

Your future is yours to create.