How to Care Less

Whether you realize it or not, you get to choose each and every day what it is that you care about. This decision is based on what your priorities are at that time.  You may think that caring about nothing is the easiest most effortless thing you can do, but caring about nothing is still a choice – a choice not to care at all.

This week I am discussing how to care less about the things holding you back from caring about what it is that will serve you. As always, the audio version of this post is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Google Play.

1. Determine Your Values

Think of something you want.

A six pack? More money? A different job?

Now, dig past that first layer.

What will you have to de-prioritize in order to bring those things to fruition? (i.e. what will you be giving up in order to get what you want, and is it going to be worth it?)

Happiness is typically not found in trivial things. So maybe,achieving those surface level things won’t make you happy after all. Instead think about the actions that it took to get you there. What did you have to do to be able to achieve that goal, and was it the action itself that made you most happy? Perhaps.

Most humans need meaning and purpose to feel fulfilled, not superficial results. So, determine what it is on deeper level that will bring you happiness. Is it: Integrity? Dedication? Stability? Transparency? It’s yours to decide.

2. Find Your OWN Balance

Balance sounds great in theory, but it doesn’t mean the same thing for every person. My life is different than yours, therefore my balance looks different than yours. Balance is determined by your priorities; figure out where you want to focus your time, and how you can work towards fitting that into your life.

The point of focusing on balance is to exude your energy into activities that actually give you joy and fulfillment as much as possible. Care more about what serves you and less about things that drain your energy.

3. Be Honest With Yourself

Up until this point in time, most of us have spent a large majority of our time basing our lives and decisions on the guidance of our parents. Our values of our younger years were largely influenced by those who raised us. The difficulty comes as adults, when we begin to question and realize that perhaps we no longer hold the same perspective.

The hardest times come when we have to honestly look at our decisions and think “Do I actually care about this, or it only because [society] [my parents] [my peers] [etc] told me I do?”. It’s okay to be afraid to make a change in your life out of fear of how people will react. What is not okay is to because complacent and accepting of your unhappy state. By caring too much about what others think, we are hindering are own ability to determine what it is that we actually care about. Be honest, be open, and be willing to change; you are your own largest road block on the pathway to success.

Figure out what you want, how you’re going to get there, and what you need to forget about along the way. Care less, and achieve so much more.

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