I’m Danielle, a twenty something young “professional” trying to navigate my way through the transition into adulthood – just like you. 

I spend too much time at the gym, eat more pizza and donuts than I should, watch too many YouTube videos, and enjoy nothing more than a long romantic walk to my refrigerator.

For years, I have defined myself by my education, my job, and my hobbies; and while all of these activities are indicative of my interests I don’t believe that one should strictly be defined by these attributes.  Humans are unique and complex beings, moulded by a multitude of experiences, interactions, and environments – I am no exception, and neither are you. Most days I have no idea what I am doing, but that’s okay because neither does anyone else really.

I do know that we only have one life and so we should all strive to make it count, leave an impact, and not take ourselves too seriously. I want to leave the world a better place than when I found it, and am confident that we are all capable of achieving this mission in some capacity.

Your life was meant to be as unique as you are and you can live it the way that you have always dreamed. I aspire to inspire you to finally gather the courage to take control.

As millennials we know the world has more to offer than just the status quo, yet many of us never take the leap to find out exactly what else that is. I am here to help you navigate the confusion and help you figure it out.

Live the life. Live the dream. No fear.